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Copper Bonded Electrode
Our Copper bonded electrodes are extracted out of best quality metal alloys having a high conductive nature. The safety providing time of these electrodes is for a considerable long time. The sparks generated inside the earth surface are also controlled by them. The copper coating provided to their outer surfaces make them entirely corrosion-proof.
Earthing Electrode
These Earthing Electrodes have a slim built and can easily be installed at any place without occupying a large area. These electrodes do not require timely maintenance as they work for a very long period. Best quality of metal alloys and organic chemicals are used in the making of these electrodes as they provide them the strength to withstand heavy and sudden currents.
GI Earthing Electrode
These GI earthing electrodes are manufactured by using appropriate organic chemicals and good quality metal alloys. Their outer coating is done using copper to ensure that their surface remain free from any degradation caused by air and corrosion. In addition to it, when the abnormal electricity flows through a surface, they absorb all the electricity and passes them to a safe place where the electricity can be stabilized and stored.
Lightning Protection System
This lightning protection system provides a path for the excessive currents and fluctuations to safely pass through them without harming the structure it is adjusted at. Superior quality metal alloys are used while making each of the parts of our protection system. The lightning that produce large electric currents can also be absorbed by this system. Furthermore, their safety providing time from every type of electric fluctuations or shocks is for a very long time.
GI Strips
These earthing GI Strips are robustly crafted by using the best quality of metal alloys and after they are installed, zero maintenance is required by them. Even under adverse conditions, they work flawlessly for a very long time. These strips have a compact size and they occupy much less space for installation. Excess current generated from under the earth's surface is effectively controlled by these GI strips.
Grounding System
All the structures that are adjusted with grounding system remain free from any type of electricity disaster caused by heavy currents or sudden fluctuations. The entire range of this grounding system is coated with copper on their outer surface to ensure their safety from any type of outer contamination. Additionally, the high-end currents generated from under the ground are also controlled by them, hence ensuring that the surface remains free from any type of damage.
Pit Covers
Concrete or PVC fabricated earthing Pit Covers are used as suitable anti interference grounding material to avoid lightning. Available in different compression resistance capacity weight options, these earthing materials have extensive applications in warehouses, construction sites and electric power generation plants.
Grounding Gel
Available in white powder form, the offered array of Grounding Gel is used to enhance mineral absorption level of minerals that conduct silicon. Widely used for industrial and commercial purpose, this gel is cost effective and has long storage life.
Earthing Backfill Compound
Galvanized iron made GI Earthing Electrode Backfill Compound is used as suitable lighting protection medium. It is also installed to prevent leakage of current and breakdown of voltage. Accessible in different configurations, this product has low maintenance cost. Good thermal conductivity level is one of its main features.
Earthing Material
Our range of Earthing Material is used to safeguard buildings, electrical equipment and personnel against lighting and build up of electrical charges. Free form maintenance charge, the installation of this material promotes conductivity level of soil of surrounding electrode area.

We are dealing in domestic market specially North India. We also supply products all over India.